Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3:54pm Aug 20th

Why is it you always bump into someone cute when you look like crap?  That is the unspoken rule isn't it?  Mom had a doctor's appointment this morning,  like early this morning. So here's me, barely rolled out of bed, looking like something you find on the bottom of your shoe, sitting in an overly packed waiting room with her, when the door to one of the exam rooms opens and the hottest guy this side of  Toronto walked out. 
Dark rimmed glasses, short sandy-brown hair, about 5 '10, a smile that would melt butter, and dimples. Couldn't have been more then about 26-27 years old.  Dressed in scrubs.

Oh my, he's a doctor! Well, it ended up he was an assistant, but clearly he's got the brains to go with that beauty.

I spotted him grab a chart, look around for his patient, and I couldn't think. Brain went numb. He looked at me sitting there in the doctor's waiting room, nodded, smiled and proceeded to call his next patient.

Brain still numb. I was caught staring at him. Watched him walk to the far side of the room to check if there was another free exam room, and he looked up, caught me looking at him and smiled again. Well that was more like a smirk, but you know what I mean.  I seriously don't know what was going through his mind, other then what a mess I must have looked.

He nodded and smiled again when he past me again going back to the original exam room with his patient. I felt flush, noticed even; in a good way. Might even say smug for about three seconds.
Then I noticed all the nurses come off their coffee break.  All of them not much more then about 23 years old, slim tiny stick figures, perfect hair, perfect skin. You know the types. And I slunk down in my seat suddenly feeling old and less then. I couldn't compete with girls like that when I was young, let alone now.

Anyways, sitting there with mom for almost two hours, just waiting when I went to ask how much longer.  The hot guy walked out of his exam room again and over to where I was standing, leaned on the desk, didn't talk to anyone, just stood there butt in the air, stood back up straight, picked up a file, put it back down, picked it up again played with the edge of it and put it back down. When the secretary at the desk asked what he was needing he said he didn't need anything. 

Cool part, none; none of the young stick figures were standing around.  You know that made me feel good.

Then it was my mom's turn to see the doctor and sadly, that was that. Smart men never looked that good when I was that age.

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