Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Checking in

On my way in with an armful of groceries, when my phone buzzed. There was a message from my cousin Walsh. Haven't heard from him in a while, thought he was pissed off at me.

Walsh-:"How's it going? Any bad neighbours?"

Me-:"Spiffy. So far, nothing serious."

Walsh-:"You going to the BBQ?"

Me-:"Nope. No point, vegetarian besides...I don't want to see your sister."

Walsh-:"Okay. Did you see the show last night?"

Me-:"Yes. You?"

Walsh-:"Yeah. So taking bets on what your man is going to choose?"

Me-:"Barbed wire! I want it to be barbed wire!"

Walsh-:"I knew you were going to say that! Haha! Too dangerous. Ladders maybe?"

Me-:"Most likely. Wait, were we actually betting anything?"

Walsh-:"You want to?"

Me-:"Na. Let's just see which of us is right."

Walsh-:"So, you going to get the new website thing now that it's available in Canada?"

Me-:"Thinking about it. Depends on if it's actually offered here or not. I don't think we are even a city that gets that cable company...are we?"

Walsh-:"Don't know. Would be cool if we did. I know they bought out the phone company, so who knows for sure. But anyways, just thought I'd check in, see how you are doing. Dad said he helped you do some of the moving last week. Thought I'd check in, see if you have any crazy neighbours?"

Me-:"So far so good."

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