Friday, August 22, 2014

The Desperate Housewife

I woke this morning to the sounds of a female voice in the hallway screaming. Peaking out through the peeper, I saw this young chick standing there banging on the door two doors down from me, in her nightgown, screaming at whomever was inside. The door opened a few minutes later and a male voice screamed something back. Not in English.
That was at 7am.

Decided to make myself a cup of coffee cause, wide awake by that, and grabbed the tarot cards. The sound of a door slamming again and the female voice talking rapidly again. Once again, not English. She's been in the hallway for the last three hours, crying, into her cell phone.

Twice the neighbours have come out and spoken to her. Once to ask if she was alright, and once to tell her to shut up she's disrupting things. She told the second guy she was locked out and waiting for the manager to bring a key. That was the only English she's spoken all morning.

Few minutes ago, I heard the door open and slam shut again, and fighting. Looking through the peeper again, I saw the man come out of the apartment dressed and telling her something, once again not in English and walk away.

She's been sitting on the floor of the hallway, still on the phone, still in her nightgown, still crying.

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