Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dirty Laundry 37

"He's using a picture I took of him? How did he even get it? I don't even have any photos left from then."

Sister-:"Calm down. You're acting like a lunatic."

Me-:"Then why did you even tell me?"

Sister-:"I don't know!"

One of my sister's co-workers was going on about her new boyfriend who happens to be Wiccan. They met online, and she showed my sister his picture.  It was --- one of my ex-boyfriends. My sister called me, though not right away, she's known for about a week.

Sister-:"You haven't seen him or talked to him in like what, seven years? What's the big deal?"

Me-:"F***, I don't know."  Which is true, I have no idea what the big deal was. The more I think about it, the less it really matters.

Sister-:"Are you even trying to meet anyone?"

Me-:"Does it matter?"

Sister-:"You're turning into mom. And that's just not right. Go out, join a dating site..."

Me-:"Done those. They never worked for me..."

Sister-:"Isn't that how you met ----, -----, -----?"

Me-:"Exactly. None of them worked, they were all cheating slime balls. Not going to do that again."

Sister-:"Oh my god. Okay you know what, no, you need to get over it. You're boring. You never used to be this boring. And you're being a shithead. I saw Walsh at the kids football game the other day, and he's right you know, you've got to get over your whatever this stupidity is. Suck it up! You're not that old for god's sakes! Grow up!"

Me-:"Thanks for the pep talk."

She made a noise then that sounded like something a cat would make. "I'm never talking to you again."

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