Friday, August 8, 2014

Mr. Pebbles

"Hey I'm here!" tink tink tink. "Can you not hear me?" tink tink tink. "I can smell curry! Hello!"

This was what was happening outside my front window for the last few minutes. This guy, mid-50's, overly tanned to the point he looked like a burned hot dog, and dressed in a pair of shorts and a black hustler t-shirt, with a really bad porn-stache, was screaming up at the person/people who live right above me.
Same dude was here at 2am two nights ago doing the same thing. Chucking pebbles up at their window.

Honestly, I've only ever seen that done in movies and in real life by four year olds who didn't know better. I'd hate to see how big the rocks will get if Mr. Pebbles is ever angry.

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