Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday March 2nd 2015

I have this fear, that I won't know how to cook his favourite dish.

Herman, do you hear me? You Mr. Scratchy can laugh all you want, but it's a real fear. I realize that I'm going to have to learn how to cook more then vegetarian meals again. I've no illusions that Mr.Right will be a vegetarian/vegan. That's just too much of a stretch.  I mean, twenty years ago when it was the "it thing to do", yeah I would have believed that the right guy for me would have been vegan but now...there's more important things to have in common.

But Herman, what if when I met him and his favourite dessert or meal is something I've never heard of?  I don't think I could handle having to take ethnic cooking classes just to make one dish well.  I am going to have a difficult enough time re-learning how to make veal chops again, and the perfect beef gravy, and scallops, and ox tail soup. I'm totally cruising if his favourite dish is meatloaf and scalloped potatoes or thick beef and sausage chilli. I must admit, I secretly would love to learn how to make a really great roasted squab with fig sauce.  Okay not so secretly now.

I know Herman, I will ask you help a girl out. Toss me a hint or something, feeling like my apron should say "kiss the needy chick-chef" or something.

Okay, I imagine Herman, you checking in to this tonight dressed in track pants, a grey t-shirt, a hoodie also grey, with a yellow and orange argyle toque.  Cup of take-away coffee in hand, and a large cinnamon roll hanging out of your mouth.

And as always, smile smirk and snarl.

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