Friday, June 19, 2015

I couldn't help but wonder

As human beings in the digital world, are we even capable of making meaningful connections anymore?  Today is the deadline I gave myself for the online dating site. One solid week of looking, messaging, working the site. 

I came up with zero.  Not one single coffee invite, not one email address or phone number, not one single conversation that passed the "how you doing?" part.

I got more then a few sleazy offers from married men, and even an attack by one witch-hunter who tried to convert me to being a Christian, because I had Wiccan listed as my religion.  The really sad part about that is that he was the only guy to actually bother to read my profile.

And my page count of how many guys were actually looking at my profile, went from a steady flow of five every two minutes, to zero in the last 24hours. Best I can figure is because I removed an old photo from 2009 that was the only full body selfie.

So it really is true, show the curves and get the stares. Or in this case, prove you don't have any and get the approval. 

I even upped the age limit I was willing to date to in the mid 40's, and expanded my search to cover the whole province I live in, not just my city.  Even that brought me nothing new.

So why do we do it?  Why do we let ourselves believe that a real connection can happen when no one is truly trying?  For some, the surface noise is enough. But for those of us out there who sort of wish the world wasn't jacked in 24/7/365, it's difficult to trust that this is the right way to "try something new".
By the shear number of men I searched through on that site, just in my province; there are a lot of lonely people out there. If they admit it or not. Granted, half of them are morons and the other half are dickheads, but that's another story itself.

So as I wrap up another chapter in my life, proving once again that I'm un-matchable in my pursuit to finding Mr. Right...I couldn't help but wonder; in a time when everything is connected, do we know when we've found a real connection?

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