Thursday, June 18, 2015

message in a bottle

Went for a coffee last night with my buddy the Musician. Which only slightly has anything to do with things.

Let's start with the fact, the newest hottest guy in the city messaged me yesterday. I couldn't believe it either. Part of me still thinks it's a joke or something.  Not too mention, my ears were burning like stoplights for over an hour while I was talking to this guy and getting ready to go out. 
Here's where my coffee with my buddy comes into play; I had to end the conversation with Mr. Should-Be-An-UnderwearModel because I was already late for coffee.  You know what he said, message him later. 

Message him later. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. Oh yeah totally did.  Only, I totally screwed it up. Don't know how I got his attention to begin with, but when I messaged him back, he quickly forgot I existed.

I know why too. I stumbled. Just choked. Any witty cute intelligent things I had been saying to that point, stopped pouring from my typing. I froze and became like a driveling moron.
Ended up becoming my big "Miranda" moment like the episode of Sex and the City when the hot cop asks her out and she's so shocked someone thinks she's worth it, that she drinks too much and blows her cool having the guy turned off. (Season 3 "What Goes Around Comes Around", #17 of the season, #47 of series)

Why is it, I can shamelessly flirt with wrestlers constantly, making an ass out of myself telling them how hot they are, letting them know they are my current muses for my art, and the greatest thing since sliced bread and yet, when one real normal guy steps into the picture, I crack?  I become the village idiot.

Can't say my audaciousness is just because there is a computer between myself and my wrestlers, because, there was a computer between myself and Mr.Uber-Hot last night. So why is it that the average man sends me into a state of cold sweats and intimidation?

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