Sunday, June 14, 2015

Deja Date

I'm having a "Samantha Jones" moment.  I finally broke down and went back to an old dating site I had marginal success with back like eight years ago.  Updated my old profile a bit, and to my shock and awe, was pounced upon. Okay, yeah I get it that I have "new girl smell" and am listed as new member, but some of the men messaging me, I've actually dated before.  And they didn't remember me.

Should I be insulted or grateful? 

I can't believe I am even considering...well considered given I've just spent the last four hours on through a dating site again. Ugh! Yeah, really had only one other choice for meeting guys, since the whole youtube-snag-a-male-witch didn't work. The other option would be to return to facebook, but since my entire family is on there, and connected to my old profile, I wouldn't be able to sneeze without them butting into my life.
Imagine, me actually finding Mr. Right and changing my status on there from single to in a relationship, or parish the thought, putting up a photo of me and him...I'd never survive my family's onslaught of noisiness.

So, I caved. I rejoined a dating site. I think I might be sick.

I'm officially dating again.

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