Monday, February 13, 2012

Dirty Laundry 14

"Your boy lost." Mom's voice was deadpan.
We'd been watching the payperview last night. I was surprised mother actually bothered to pay attention and left her facebook for the course of a few matches.


Mom-:"I thought they were setting it up for him to win the last few weeks? Why'd skunky lose?"

Me-:"I think he might have really hurt himself again."  I looked at the time thinking even though the match had been twenty minutes long, that it might have been cut. "I really thought he was set to win too."

Then something odd happened, the match was barely over when Mr. Scratchy started to act up.  I was scratching the holy hell out of my right shoulder and hand.

Mom-:"You're just going to have to wait till you go home to blog about your poor skunky. He does kind of look like he's done something way he's holding his neck."

On my way home, I stopped off at the bank and grocery.  I wanted flowers.  As I was walking through the parking lot, I got whistled at.  I let out a deep breath totally expecting to see some old dude or worse, some guy I'd gone to high school with. But instead, there was Storm coming out of the grocery. He was on his bike, riding over the slush and half melted ice. He asked how I was as he zipped on past. Didn't even wait for me to say I was fine or to ask how he was.
Yeah, he whistled. Unbelievable.  

I was checking emails after I got home and there was one from Nura commenting on The Celebrity having lost. She also asked me what he was saying when he came down the ramp.  Told her I didn't catch it cause there was no mic on him.  Her reply "I think he was talking about the pants."  I laughed for a few minutes on that and emailed Nura.
My reply -"He wasn't talking about the pants. He would have had a million better things to talk about other then the colour of his pants.Unless he was talking about the pants because he saw my comment about his pants."
Nura emailed me back "Yeah I think he was talking about the pants."
My reply- "Well his pants are a good topic." I told her about the Mr. Scratchy issue.  She emailed back just saying not to over think it like I always seem to do.

But until Mr. Scratchy steps up and actually says 'hey babe I'm the one I'm your Mr. Scratchy'  all I have are gut reactions and puzzle pieces. Puzzle pieces tend to get over thinking.

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