Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dream Self

I was just reading an article on how in dreams the way we view ourselves reflects more on how we see ourselves in reality.  Well yeah that's a given.
In most cases, I hate to say it but I see myself in my dreams the way I was physically when I was in my late teens/early twenties.  
I hated myself back then.  Those dreams, I know my issues are self esteem related.  And usually, in those particular dreams I'm; ironically married or in a really great relationship.

So what does this mean?  That the more I become comfortable with myself the less chance I have of ever finding love? 
Some might think it has to do with accepting that not everything is as it appears.

Dreams where I am looking physically like I am currently, always have me lost trying to find a building, running late for an appointment and even back in high school/college.  And always, there is a faceless man.  Well, not faceless as much as I never remember what he looks like when I wake up.

That's pretty much an obvious connection.

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