Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fan Envy

"You don't think that it's popular?  You have fans." Nura was commenting about my blogs.

Me-: "A fistful of wrestlers, a stalker who I'm starting to think is Erin and a few people from Europe who need to translate me.  You have fans. Your Youtube stuff has hundreds of hits per day. And they interact with you. Mine just quietly read. And scratch. Well one boy scratches and if he's feeling it half as much as me then the right side of his body looks like Freddy Krueger had fun."

Nura-: "Are you saying you have fan envy?" she laughed for five minutes on that one.

Me-:"Yes. In the beginning few years ago, I had some people reacting to my work, but now... can we just talk about something else before I cry."

Nura-:"He writes like you."

Me-: "I know"  I remarked scratching the hell out of my right thigh.

Nura- :"And she doesn't even ask me who I am talking about."

Me-: "I'm assuming you're talking about The Celebrity."

Nura-:"Yeah,The Celebrity. After seeing that post you wrote the other day,  I went to read over the old blog posts that him and The Other Guy did back in 2010 on the company blog, and was reading your old stuff; damn you were bitter just the anger following off some of your posts nearly made me want to scream at times... but anyways, he writes like you. Same sort of sentence structure and choice of words. He likes you."  she burst out with a cackle that made her sound like the wicked witch.

Me-: "Old news." I waited but she said nothing for a moment. "And where are you going with this?"

Nura just shrugged and laughed again.  "Have you been paying attention to The IrishLad over in company #1 as of late?" She got up from the webcam and got a drink telling me that she could still hear me over the speaker.

Me-:"Yeah, he mentioned a song I had been talking about and suddenly started to wear red and black. Just means I have 6 wrestlers reading me now not just 5."

Nura-:"I don't know. Just saying. Maybe you're looking at this all wrong."
Again there was silence from her as if that was the point to the comment. She sat back down at the webcam

Me-: "And?"

Nura-: "And what? Huh huh huh?"  she was giddy practically bent over her computer laughing so much. "What if he's you know..."

Me-: " It's not someone in Company #1."

Nura-:"So you're saying,  there is no way in hell he could be your soulmate?"

Me-:"That's what I'm saying."

Nura-: "You're stupid. That is the stupidest thing you've ever said to me Ever.  He could be anyone on the planet."

Me-:"It's not, trust me on this. I would feel it. You felt it the first time you even heard Earnan's name, he's told me he felt it the first time he saw your email address. And you two have been together what twelve years?"

Nura-:" True. Yeah twelve."

i have to admit, I was pissed off and slightly scared with her at that moment cause Nura is the type of person who if she thinks a situation is not moving in the right direction will push it in the one she thinks is right.

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