Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zaniness of it Part 5

On my way home from mother's tonight, stopped in at the grocery for a few minutes.  Decided to go through Zane's check out because it's express.
Jammed to the gills with people.

He smiled really big at me when he saw me and asked how everything was. Told him fine, and noticing his hair had started to grow back in.
He replied that he wasn't sure if he was going to keep up the mohawk or not.  Then I asked where his glasses were?
He blushed telling me that he's always in a rush in the mornings and has forgotten them a bunch of times, pointing to one of the ladies who works the next tile, he then told me he can't see anyone.
My reply, "might be a good thing."

He blushed again as I told him I happened to really like the glasses {no I did not tell him I generally melt for men in glasses that would be too much for the poor boy}
He blushed again saying he liked hearing things like that.  I sort of shook my head cause I know we had a similar conversation about that awhile back when he first got them.

Zane-: "You're bleeding."  he pointed to my arm.

Me-: "Yeah, Mr. Scr... I had a bit of a scratching issue little while ago."   {right like Zane needs to know about my Mr. Scratchy} 

Zane-: "Take care of that."  he was still blushing when he handed me my bill. 

That is the most relaxed he's been around me in two years.

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