Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beneath the Paper

I was watching this movie last night, and wondering why they had cast who they had together?  There are moments when we watch a tv show or movie and can't get past the actors who are on the screen. Can't imagine why the director or producer would pair up certain people?  Sometimes it works out perfectly and other times you can do nothing but turn off the tv.

It's like that in real life too.
We've all done it, judged strangers or even friends thinking "how they end up together?"  What was it that attracted that guy to that girl?

I'm always fascinated by this.  Sometimes you can see right off within a moment how mismatched a pair are, and other times you can see how perfect they are after only a moment with them.

Sometimes a couple is only "good on paper"  and sometimes they are better.

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