Tuesday, March 17, 2015

just need to vent

Dear Herman:

Do you ever find that something you work on that you really dig, really put your soul into and think people will totally click with, is the one thing that gets ignored?  The whole video thing, driving me nuts. It's this horrible clique that no one wants to shuffle a foot to let anyone new in. No one bothers to watch anything unless you message them and say you are replying to their stuff. They subscribe, then unsubscribe, then subscribe again...we're not talking kids either. Most of them are in their mid-30's upward.  And oh my god, the high school mentality of it...if you talk with so-and-so, then person A won't talk to you, and if you comment in a supportive way to person D then so-and-so #30 gets huffy with you. Dude, it's starting to be so not worth it. 

I know from doing blogs for over a decade, that things I think will be total hits more often is passed over for the silly crap that I think no one will care for. Stuff I wrote because I was in a goofy mood, or bored. I'm always surprised when the goofy crap gets like 40 hits in an hour, while the serious stuff I spent hours over is lucky to get 4 hits in a week.
I guess it's true, people just want filler.

Okay Mr. Scratchy, I just really needed a moment to vent.  I'm betting not what you were looking for tonight with the check in, but...I need  want a hug.

Anyways, I think you're checking in tonight, dressed in your gear still from tonight's show. Coffee in hand, chomping on cinnamon gum. I don't know why I think cinnamon, but I do.

As always Smile smirk and snarl.

p.s. the little bounce at the end of the shoulder roll during the extra promo on the company website from Monday's show that Mad Hatter did...cute.

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