Sunday, March 8, 2015

Post it note March 8th 2015

Dear Herman:

It's actually a lovely day here outside, -3C with a -7C windchill. Melty. Too bad we have a strict no open window between Nov - April rule on our building. Comes with a $250 fine if you're caught with windows open during winter.
Anyways, was doing a video project, which has become my latest obsession. And thought I'd come in and just write a quick note to say hey....Hey.  How's the playlist? Liking anything I suggested?

I imagine you checking in today Mr. Scratchy, dressed in dark jeans, a yellow-ish-orange-ish t-shirt with a little tear at the collar, two hoodies layered, and an iced-coffee in hand. Yeah, I think you stopped off for coffee and without even thinking ordered yourself an iced one. Or maybe you're like me and find that chomping on ice-cubes in winter time helps to relieve sinus headaches from the weather changes.

As always Herman, smile smirk and snarl.

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