Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Post It note march 4th 2015

Dear Mr. Scratchy:

Was thinking about some of my favourite love/slow songs. So, here's a playlist...

- Dream On by Helix
-Foolish Love by Lord Tracy
-Surrender by Trixter
-Honestly by Harem Scarem
-Red Rose by Roxx Gang
-1000 Degrees by Vain
-When a heart breaks by Rik Emmett
-Living without you by Shotgun Messiah
-Forever by Kiss
-Every time I look at You  by Kiss

That's enough for the moment. So Herman...I imagine you checking in tonight, dressed in grey pajama bottoms, a grey thermal long sleeved shirt that fits your arms like a second skin, bare feet, hair slicked back, and a cup of tea beside you. I imagine it's in a travel mug, something that you got at a gas station maybe with the logo on it, all scratched up from being used constantly. And I think you'll have a new playlist for bedtime.

As always, smile smirk and snarl.

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