Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Missed opportunities?

I was sitting here just now, doing a guided meditation. Running through the chakras, with one of the witches I've met lately. And when I got to the 3rd eye chakra, a face flashed behind my eyes. Someone I haven't thought of in a long while. It startled me enough that it broke my concentration completely and as I opened my eyes, I jumped. I saw clear as day the man sitting in my living.  It was the briefest of visions, but enough to rattle me.
I have no idea if I tapped into something, possibly remote viewing of the man, or if it was something less spooky?
Three is also the idea that he might have been thinking of me and I picked up on it.

One of the main points of this exercise is healing. Identifying issues that are emotionally/mentally/physically blocking you.  I can't overlook the idea that I had a missed opportunity with the man years ago, and the issues that kept me from being with him, are something I've just recently begun to face.

How do we know when a missed opportunity is truly such or if it's just what's really meant to be?

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