Sunday, March 29, 2015

Read the sign

Signs. Everything is about catching the signs. Sex and the City was a series based on decoding signs/signals between people. Jane Austen managed to give humour to mixed or missed messages/signs in her novels. I believe the old comment is true, we can see clearly others lives but not our own. We can miss the signs that are staring us right in the face like a screaming flashing exit mounted over the door.

By now, most people will agree, no matter if they "believe in the supernatural" or not, that when something repeats in their life, it's a sign. I still haven't figured out what the Queen of Pentacles is trying to say lately, but none the less, other things are popping up.
Turning on the tv to find the same city being mentioned on five different channels for five different reasons. Turning on the radio and having a lyric jump out at me that was directly in line with a problem I was thinking about few minutes before. Having the same number sequence repeat for an entire day until I admit/realize something, then it strangely changes to the next set of numbers that begin repeating.
I spend a good part of my time decoding signs. Sometimes because of the supernatural part of my life, and sometimes because of the SATC part of my life. (you read this blog you know what I mean)

I honestly think relationship signs are the most difficult things on the planet to decode. God knows I've screwed them up more then once. Missed some completely.
But in this case, even I am not that daft.

Repair guy was here to fix the sink. He flirted the whole time. But, was married. Big flashy ring on his finger. I actually wanted to ask him if I was reading his conversation wrong but just kept my mouth shut. He ended up leaving some of his equipment here, and had to come back not once but twice.
Both times he lingered in the doorway, still being flirty and smiling, and blushing the whole time. No one is that forgetful.

I can't wrap my head around it. Married men flirt with me all the time, but yet single men never notice me. Same with the gay men. They are massive flirts, yet again with the straight single men, nothing.

Obviously, there is some relationship sign/signal that I'm not understanding that the universe is hitting me over the head with. 

And p.s. Yes, his name was Jon.

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