Wednesday, April 1, 2015

post it notes April 1st

Dear Herman:

It's 6:20pm EST here, and I've got to ask, did you do something to your left jaw/side of your nose?  Those crazy ghost pains are springing up again...

Anyways, I saw two hookers get arrested in the parking lot of the grocery store next door.  I was walking into the grocery and there were these two Native chicks standing around the parking lot between the beer store and grocery, asking beer store customers if they were looking for a date and talking about "when it's too dry and they just jam it in".
When I was walking out of the grocery few minutes later, the cops were there and they were taken away. 
I thought the snippet of the conversation was funny actually.

I imagine you checking in, choking on your coffee on that last line, dressed in black track pants with a scuff or stain on the bottom of the right cuff, a yellow shirt that's looking faded with the logo peeled off, and earphones in. Bon Jovi maybe...

as always, Mr. Scratchy, smile smirk and snarl. 

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