Monday, February 7, 2011

Belle of the Balls

"He's disappointed that I don't wear them to bed."

I heard a slightly familiar voice when I was at the coffee shop.  Grabbing my xl triple triple, I made my way through the bikers and the high schoolers on lunch and looked around.  Yeah, there she was- Gilly.  I wasn't sure I wanted to talk to her, but she spotted me and was all with the "OMG!" so I had no choice but to join her for a moment.
I know you're thinking right now, if you weren't sure you wanted to talk, why did you bother to go looking when you heard her voice?   Habit. We had been friends about ten years ago.  I stood in the extremely busy donut shop ready to bail.

"Heeeeyyyy! Hooowww Youuuu Doooinn?"  she said not even looking at me as she shut off her phone and sipped her iced cap.   Yeah iced cap in winter, only Gilly would.

"Still alive.  You?"  I switched the hand my coffee was in cause it was burning my palm. You really do have to take the warning "too hot" label to heart at Tim Hortons.

"Yeah. Fine. Just talking to Sarah. She asked me to pick her up one of the new vibrators from work"

I nearly choked on my coffee.  Not because Gilly was talking about vibrators in the middle of a overly packed coffee shop, but because she was talking about the vibrators in the overly packed coffee shop with a lady sitting one table away with two five year olds.  I think I turned a lovely shade of pink that might be as close to the background of this blog as you can get.

Gilly, has more then once, worked in the sex trade at different levels.  Currently, she sells sex toys.  When I was friends with her ten years ago, she had been a Dominatrix.  I don't have to guess too hard what she was meaning when I heard her on the phone.

We chitchatted for about ten minutes about absolutely nothing that I was interested in, then I said I had to go and she asked me how things were with my man

I gave her an odd look."I'm not seeing anyone right now."

"Did you break up?"

"I haven't been with anyone since Freud."  I did the mental calculations in record time to know that it's been so long that I might have cobwebs now.  Gilly made a face like she tasted something bitter then started to pick something hair like from her teeth.  
I just don't want to know honest I don't.

"That's not what I heard.  Mary told me that The Drama Queen said you were f*cking The Celebrity." she took another invisible something from her tongue and I lost my desire for my coffee. "Why would Mary lie about that?"

"Mary was told that? Huh. I wish, but right now, I'm not. TDQ is nuts. In fact, The Celebrity hasn't... it's complicated. Really, really complicated. I think he's pissed at me right now. " I said I needed to get going and got half a step when she asked me about a television show.

"You watch a ton of British shows right?  What's the name of the chick on that one about the hooker?"

I had no clue what she was talking about, and she just stared at me as if staring long enough would suddenly make the name appear out of thin air between us. I said again I had no idea, and was once again two steps away when she called something out at me.  "What was that?"  stupid stupid stupid don't turn back you'll be here for hours.

"Belle something. F*ck it! I can't remember.... Diary... Belle's Diary... something diary...can't remember. But yeah, it's like Sex and the City.  I wanted to make a dress like the one she wears on the cover of the DVD. " 
I nodded and once again, said I had to go, and actually was able to leave. As I'm walking through the slushy half melted snow, all I could think was that if I were still friends with Gilly, I would have hours worth of posts for this blog.

Anyways, got home and was actually trying to figure out what she was going on about in regards to the British show, googled few things and found out she was meaning Secret Diary of a Call Girl   I watched the first episode online but wasn't grabbed by it.  Then I found out it was based on a blog, so I looked that up and started reading. 

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