Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boo Bitchcraft

"It's possible he's afraid because of the witchcraft?"

This sentence flopped out of my mouth during a conversation last night with Nura.  She was talking about her mother, and I was still talking about Galvin.

"Oh crap! You said he was Catholic didn't you? Maybe that's an issue with him that he needs to get over. I still don't understand why he hasn't got a hold of you."  She got up to let her dog out. "But Darling, in his line of work, I'm sure he's got people in his circle who are. Friends and coworkers I mean." 

We both gave a giggle at that.

"But Darling, I have to get into the bath and get supper on.  Earnan will be home from work anytime now." she said a big grin on her face.

"Oh crap. I forgot. Happy Valentines.  Tell your husband I said hi."

"Oh I will. I have the batteries all charged up.  Too much info?" she laughed seeing my blush.

"Um...huh.. Night. Have fun."

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