Saturday, February 12, 2011

He's Just Not That Into You

Few months ago, I came in possession of this book.  The one that was written by the writers of Sex and the City. 
It was such a best seller, it spawned a movie.  A movie that I adored by the way.

So, when I was looking for something this weekend to read that was light and wouldn't take me more then a few hours, I spotted it on the pile of TO READ and decided to jump in.

The first few chapters are like a 2x4 to the back of your head. It pounds in over and over again that if a man is not chasing you, he's not attracted to you.

The whole thing was first mentioned on an episode of SATC, in which Berger meets the rest of the girls for dinner and as Miranda is telling him about a bad date, he pipes up and says the now infamous line "no he's just not that into you."  (Season 6 episode 78 Pick-A-Little-Talk-A-Little)

Yes, for many of us it was a liberation.
For many of us, we had the same reaction that the character Carrie Bradshaw does; utter job annihilation. Her character then says that she's made an entire career out of picking apart relationship mixed messages and to have her boyfriend say there is no such thing as mixed messages, puts her into shock. 
As it has me. In case you haven't noticed, I write romance novels and my whole writing career is about relationships and sex. 
I admit, that I've had every kind of relationship and break up listed in this book. I've heard every bad excuse from men that is also listed in this book.

If I take the first few chapters of  He's Just Not That Into You at face value, the point that a man needs to be the chaser or else he's not attracted to you, because I've always been the one chasing the guy,  then that means my entire life none of the men I've been involved with at all have ever been attracted to me. Ever.

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