Sunday, February 13, 2011

Invisible Dates

You remember my buddy the Musician?

Swell guy, putting a CD out at the moment, and getting his band in place to do live gigs. 
He's having about as much dating luck as I have been... or more likely lack of.

I was just chatting with him and he was telling me of yet another chick who came across flirty and totally into him while they were emailing and chatting on the phone.  Told me they had a really fun coffee date the other night too. 
Then out of nowhere, she emailed him telling him that she didn't think they could date and just bailed.

I hate seeing him get crapped on like this over and over again. The Musician is one of those rare guys who actually shows  up when he says he's going to, on time, opens your door, picks up the tap, and well is a gentleman.  He deserves better then girls who are using him. 

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