Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sex Addict

I was out at Blockbuster and bumped into JTGG and Bobby, one of his little groupies. There was many hugs and OMG! from him before he smiled smugly at me.
He was actually looking very normal for once.  Jeans, a long sleeve sweater and tennis shoes. I think Bobby has rubbed off on him in more ways then one.

Then normal was gone with one sentence.

"I've been in sex rehab." 

"Oh my god what?" I started to laugh then realized he was serious.  "What?"

"Sex rehab. For sex addicts." He then brought both hands out from his sides and bent his one knee almost in a curtsy.  "I'm a sex addict."

"Jor, you're not a sex addict."

"Yes I am." he nodded gleefully.  Yeah I don't know about him sometimes, it's got to be all the drugs he's been doing for the last fifteen years.

"What makes you say that?"  I had to stare at Bobby's shoes cause I couldn't keep the laugh off of my face. This was just too much even for me. But, then again, I'm not shocked with anything he says really, he had been married to Gilly before coming out of the closet an she was a Dominatrix at that time.

"I love sex. Love love love it! Love big hard cocks. Love it!"  his voice went another four octaves higher then it's normal girly squeal.

"I think it's safe to say we all do, but that doesn't make you a sex addict."

"Whatever." he rolled his eyes at me. As if we were arguing about the weather, he rolled his eyes at me. "I love sex okay!" 

"Okay. Sex is a great thing, not going to argue on that with you. Other then rehab, what have you been up to?" remembering that last time he was still trying his hand at fashion.

"Not much. Went back to school for awhile, quit. I was always late so I just left." he shrugged.  That's when Bobby did the half step pee-dance-need-a-smoke-can-we-leave thing, then they paid for their movie and left.

I just have to wonder why anyone would be proud of something like that? It has to be the drugs.

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