Thursday, February 17, 2011


"What are you going to do about Chad?"  Jessie said.

"Chad? There's a Chad? Who Chad? When we get a Chad?"  Me sounding as clueless as I felt.
This was a few days ago, the day before Valentines. I had been coming home from mom's and stopped in the grocery for flowers, as they were on sale. She pointed to the new guy working the Starbucks which was at the other end of the bakery, across from the flower stall.

"Well, I suppose that answers my question."  she laughed for I don't know how long, her bubble gum pink lipstick nicking her bottom teeth.  I swear when you are over the age of 23, any colour of lipstick other then dusty rose or camel should be banned. "He has been trying to get your attention for the last ten minutes."

I'm always trying to get a man's attention, then I get really suspicious when I get it. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I looked over at him.  Nothing exciting really.
Blonde, blue eyes, over 6 feet tall, looks like he should be running marathons not running a coffee shop. And more importantly, so totally not my type.
Add to that he couldn't possibly been more then 22 himself.  Too much even for this Puma.

"He thinks you're a writer." she continued as she wrapped my single blue rose.

"I am a writer. Just not published."  Okay so now I felt like crap. She continued telling me that Chad the new Starbucks guy, was hanging out a lot with The Drama Queen on their lunch breaks the last week.  So god only knows what she's been saying.  The line up started to get fairly deep then so I took that as my cue to leave.  But not before doing a full 450 plus smile towards Conrad one of the stock boys who works in the produce area.  On purpose for Chad the new Starbucks guy to see.

Now, if only Conrad would do something other then smile back.

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