Thursday, February 10, 2011


Tuesday Feb 8th 

And if he suddenly stopped being famous?

This is what it boils down to  If he's not famous anymore, then I would be happy in a very selfish way. Simply because that would mean that the superficial stuff would be gone. It would all hing on two things 1) if he was single and 2) if he was attracted to me.
None of this other crap that has me wondering about him. Cause at the moment, he knows me, pretty much inside and out. All from reading my blog.  He's got the upper hand, and I've got... well nothing really.  I've only learned the fame side of him, don't know anything really about his personal life.

If something happened and he was suddenly stripped of his superpowers of fame and cleverness, I would be hopeful.
I would also be very sad for awhile.  Because then there would be no media outlet to connect with him  that there is now by his job.

And given, I still after all this time don't know how he views me, if I am just a blogger/reporter to him? or if I am just a writer-therefore maybe on the same level as coworker to him? or friend? or if more?

Which brings me all back to the flirting that everyone seems to believe last year was the real deal. 
I'm still out to lunch on that one, if he meant it or if it was all part of the show?

Thursday 5:35 PM

Ironically, I had been thinking about this post earlier in the week because of something that was said to me by Sophia the Wannabe Socialite.  She said "what if The Celebrity was no longer a celebrity?"
At the time, I thought Sophia was just trying to get a few digs in cause that's how she is.  So it's actually been sitting here for a few days with me debating if I should actually post it.

But, I was at the grocery this afternoon and The Drama Queen asked me if I had heard anything about him.  I had no idea what she was going on about. 
I came home, finished my book review I had to do, and was about to shut down the computer for awhile when something told me to check out the company blog.  I did. I was shaking when I read what was there.
An injury that could be worse then career ending. 

All I can say is this,  I hope whoever it is that does share their life with The Celebrity, they take care of him. All bullshit, all joking, all teasing is gone. Whoever it is that is lucky enough to actually physically be his, take care of him.

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