Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your Salami isn't so fresh

On my way back from the post office, had to pick up a book that I'd won, and stopped into the sandwich shop next door while I waited the twenty minutes for the bus.
There was a teenaged girl working behind the deli counter, who was having a very public and messy argument with her twenty-something boyfriend. 

I'd like to say I was above listening in, but that would be a lie.

Girl: "Why though? I mean, I thought .... you promised."

Boy: "Can I just get a pop? J. is waiting in the car."

Girl: "That all? $2.30."  she rang it through but didn't look like she was going to hand it over. "Just a minute. Just talk to me for a second."  they moved to the edge of the deli counter, the girl now with her arms over her chest and the boy holding his pop.
"So you're not coming over tonight then? I wasted $50 on tickets and you're going out with Jeff to the bar?"  Boy said nothing just looked over her shoulder like he was reading the menu. "Hey shithead look at me."
Boy continued to molest the neck of the pop bottle then turned to leave where upon the Girl swore a few more times then went back to her station.   New guy came into the building and right over to her, he was leaning in whispering to her and she was getting angrier by the millisecond. I'm guessing this was his friend. At this point, another teenaged girl came out and said something in a whisper to them both and the guy left.  Must have been the manager.

I was putting on my gloves a few minutes later,  getting ready to head back out to the bus stop when the boyfriend came back in and threw down something.  I kind of angled myself to see what it was,  it was an iPod. Returning the music, always a sign that the relationship is over. This caused the girl to launch into a real fit of colourful expressions, mostly containing the f-word.  Apparently she did not care how she was looking to the three of us customers in there nor what it could mean for her job, because just when you thought the high school drama was over she screamed

Girl: "T. said B. has crabs now too. Funny, how both her and you got them the same time. So don't think I don't know you f*cked that cow! I hope your dick rots off!" 

At that point, I was in risk of missing my bus so I left.  Would have liked to have seen how it ended.  Wonder if I should go back there in a few days to see if she's still got a job?

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