Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Friday - Feb 4th

He's just not the man I thought he was.

Biggest complaint from women that I hear all the time.  My answer to this is simply "they never are"

We dream big.  We see within the object of our affection everything we desire and have been raised to believe a knight in shinny armor should be. 
Then we get upset when the guy falls short, or worse, can't even get it up... er get up half way to the level we were wanting him to be at.

I've learned the hard way, that a man is just a man even when he's a hero.

I was actually, sitting here today thinking about the Celebrity and my novel. Why my novel you're thinking, because I made my novel's hero look a bit like my Celebrity.  My mistake. Cause as I learn things about my Celebrity, finding his flaws, it makes my version of him that much more romantic. And harder to write believe it or not.

When we fall in love, are we falling in love with the reality or the dream?

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