Monday, April 25, 2011


G-Babbs is the woman in my mother's building that runs the "committee".  In other words, she plans the tenant meetings, and knows everything that goes on in the building.   Wither you want her to or not.
I usually end up bumping into G-Babbs every day when I am leaving mom's.  This is because she has a very sweet little dog that she walks. 
G-Babbs, not so sweet.  Few days ago, she grabbed me as I was leaving for coffee with Musician, extremely proud of how she'd gotten cameras put into the building.  Which everyone else has complained about.

"I came out to walk the dog and there was a couple in the lobby here...."   she leaned in closer as if she were about to lower her voice, which she did not and continued  "who were making love right there."   At this point I nearly lost it, seriously, who outside of movies calls f*cking making love?  "And then, then this woman pops her head up and says hello."   G-Babbs face was more shades of red then I could count. And this was from telling me.  I really hate to have been the center of her anger and shock when it had happened. "Hello. As if I had just walked in on a conversation and not two people making love."  there is that term again.  "Then I see this naked bum in my face from the guy like it was the most normal thing in the world. To be making love in a public place. This isn't a hotel. And they finally put the cameras in.  They can see for themselves that I'm not overreacting." 

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