Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Monday Night

The email was familiar.    What is it that all the hot chicks in town are with ugly guys?
This was from my buddy the Musician.   He and I have had this conversation before few months ago.  I answered the email with the same remark that I'd given him that night we had gone for coffee.  
Same reason all the hot sexy men in this town are with ugly bitches.

Seems we were at an stalemate. Both of us were looking at all the couples in the coffee shop around us, in the parking lot when we left, and even walking down the street as we continued our conversation, both looking at it from our personal points of view and coming up with the same idea. 

So when this email came in, I did not have to wonder what had set it off.  I've learned the hard way this is a themed topic with all my single straight male friends over the years, and the Musician is feeling it the worse.

The answer to this nerve racking question would be either A) Settling or B) Real Love.

I'm a hopeless romantic so you know I'm all for answer B)

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