Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This feels like a trap

The Musician seems to think I need to be dating.  I'm not too sure why, but he does.  I wanted his opinion about this guy Storm, who works down the street at the grocery. 
Storm comes across as gay sometimes. 

Text  -: Storm is straight. Saw him flirting madly with co-worker.

Musician text -: Cool. Talk to him.

Text-: There's no point. He's not available.

Musician text -: You saying if I flirt with two girls I shouldn't have either?

Text -: I'm saying if he's totally into her, giddy into her, there is no point. I can not compete.

The Musician seems to feel that Storm would be a good match for me.  Until this morning, I would have argued but I was actually ready to set my sights on Storm.  That was until I spotted him drooling over his co-worker. 
Now, I'm right back to feeling like the universe has other plans for me. As in finding a nice cave somewhere to live a Hermit's life.

Oh well, as the song lyric says,  "it can't rain all the time" 

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