Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have been told most of the week to take a risk in love.

I have also been told that this would be a day when I would get a relationship message that I have been waiting for.

It's 8:21pm and I did not talk to anyone today. 

I'm not sure there is anyone who falls in the area of being a risk for love?  
I'm still not sure about Storm being an runner for matchworthiness.   Mr. Scratchy seems to have pulled back into the shadows for the last two days.  And The Celebrity... well he's ...he's someone I would take a RISK  for.


  1. Babe how can you say you are willing to take a risk with this guy if you are not even wanting to try to email him?
    Ive been reading through your blog and you need to man up. Email him.

    As far as Storm goes you need to man up there too. Inside hint its not far from the truth. You said this Mr. iPod is staring at you thats where you need to be turning.

    Catch you around the CandyBar

  2. Anonymous... First off, the only person allowed to call me Babe is The Celebrity. Not that he has.
    Second, you think I need to be going after Mr. iPod?