Monday, April 4, 2011

He's perfect but he's not my type

Some of you know that I have been part of nearly every dating site out there.  And if you know this, then you know I've deleted or hidden in some cases, my profile on all of them in the last 6 months. (remember, some have that weird contract clause that says they can use your profile to advertise even if you delete so hiding when you want off the site sometimes is the better answer)
Surprisingly, this morning I got an email from one of the sites saying someone had decided they wanted to meet me.
Before you all get hyper hold your crickets, it just means I was added to their favourites list.  Though on that site I'm suppose to be in hidden mode, yet I've been added to the fav list a few times in the last couple of months.

So I get this one today, and I check the dude's profile out.  He's a former chef and a photographer by hobby, listens to jazz, seems to have a wicked sense of humour by the way he writes, and is a big reader.

So what's the issue you are thinking?  The issue was looks wise, I was totally turned off. 
But I do promise that if he actually takes the time to message me, I will chat with him. 

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