Thursday, April 21, 2011

What should I say?

Text came in around 9:30pm last night from my buddy the Musician. 
A second one came in around 10:15pm
He called at midnight.  All this because he wanted some advice on what to email this girl he saw on a dating site. 
I had him read me her profile and told him to pick out something that he figures no one else will even notice and use that as the start point. 
He then told me that things were not going well for his love life at all. 
Then he told me he's got two different dates lined up for the weekend.  He's sort of got this attitude that if he does not have at lest two dates per weekend he's failed.  

If this were an episode of Sex and the City then he'd be the Samantha character. There is a new girl every few days.

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