Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random Afternoon

The last 24hours have expressed a few interesting quirks.

One of which was coffee with my buddy the Musician.  We hung out for a few hours yesterday at the starbucks in the back of the grocery. 
Nearly everyone was working.  There was a small hiccup with Z. who did not seem to like the fact I was sitting with the Musician, but that's another blog post on another blog.

However, the afternoon was spent with Musician telling me about his latest dates.  The one he had Friday night seemed to go well, up to the point he realized the girl was not over her ex.  Then he ended it cold. He was also worried about the upcoming date he's got tonight. 

He made a comment to me about how the easiest thing on the planet for a woman is to be picked up. I have no idea where he has gotten this from other then movies.  I told him as much. 
His reply,  that I need to wear dresses more.  As if the holy grail of dating is locked up in a summer frock. 

This isn't the first time a guy has said to me that it's easier for a woman to date then men.  I'd like to know who's telling the men around here that because they are lying large.
If it were true, there would be no single people at all. 

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