Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

I love to argue. When it's with the right guy. 

The argument I had today with the Musician, not filling that bill at all.  Once again, he's on about looks and pushing your way into someone's social circle.   As in, he thinks I need to be not just dating Storm, but getting invited into Storm's group of friends. 

I don't want to be part of his group of friends.  I'm still iffy on if I want to ask Storm out for coffee. 
I was in the store today when Storm was working.  Both him and Mr. iPod were on shift.  The odd thing was, Mr. iPod kept staring at me.  As if he thought I might turn into a cloud of bats or something.  Mr. iPod went in one direction, while Storm went past me in the other towards the staff room. 
Totally out of character for Storm, as he was zooming past me at 90mph, he asked me how my day was going?
My response  "that's a trick question right?" 
He continued on his way, craning his neck to the point I was waiting to hear snap crackle pop with the biggest grin I've ever seen on a man.  Ever. 
It was almost creepy.

So in 24hours, I've gone from being annoyed by Storm to semi-crushing on him to being massively creeped out.  Which proves I'm not sure what I want when it comes to him.

The Musician, for some crazy reason seems to think that Storm is still the best match for me.  How is that? And proceeded to tell me that I need to put on some designer outfit, a pound of make up and then go ask him out.  "Just care about being included in his social circle and getting to know him."

Anyone else wondering what's up with this picture?

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