Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meanwhile, somewhere out there 2

There is a guy reading this blog post totally exhausted from his day.

Tonight, I think he is dressed in shorts... no, make that black track pants and a tee shirt, that has a faded logo on it from a hockey team. He's just gotten back from working out and has a pile of something to read... Mr. Scratchy training to be a professor?... no that doesn't feel right does it {seriously I have no idea just can't shake the vibe of him sitting with a stack of pages in front of him} once again pushing up the wire rimmed glasses that I think he wears.
There is a large bottle of water beside him on his desk, and an empty box of ... m&ms... {I think he likes the peanut flavour}  And once again he's shaking his head at me smirking like a sex symbol, rubbing both hands over his face.   And Mr. Scratchy has playing behind him on his iPod or stereo or however he plays his cds... a mixed playlist from the 70's.  

And now he's either laughing his ass off at me for doing this little romanticized blog post or calling his buddy in total fear, because I was bang on right.
Either way, I hope you're having a brilliant night.

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