Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Friday 11/11/11

One of the most powerful dates in the century.

Tonight, as I was standing in line at the store; the right side of  my face started to itch.  This was just before 7pm, and I know this because as I stood there scratching trying not to spill my tea, I checked the clock as the line was not moving much.  
I had made the mistake of going into the corner store totally forgetting it was lotto night.  The lines were brutal to say the lest.
When I got home, I checked my emails and hit the blog stats, etc.  I noticed that there was a hit just before 7pm {EST} which would have been the same time I was standing in line at the store scratching like a lunatic. 

Seems, Mr. Scratchy; that we missed each other by about 10 minutes this evening. 

Since it is a Friday night, I am guessing you are either reading this just before you go out for the night, or very possibly reading this after you've been out.   Maybe while you are winding down with a coffee or something, and having just changed for sleep. 

Well, anyways, I guess I'll just say night, and if by chance you are commuting for work this weekend, I'll say be careful, specially if you have to fly. 
Maybe one of these days you'll let me know if I've been right about the last two blog posts {mostly want to know if I am right about the glasses and the painting}

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