Monday, April 27, 2015

Dirty Laundry 48

Phone rang, it was my cousin Walsh. "My step mom said she saw you at the cafe."

Me-:"Yeah, tarot day."

Walsh-:"So do you think I should enter the wrestling auditions?"

Me-:"That's a joke right?"


Me-:"Well, besides the fact you're too out of shape, and have asthma not to mention we're both too old cause there's no way in hell you're going to be a wrestler without me attached."

He laughed at me, well giggled actually. "So you don't think I could do it?"

Me-:"Not in a million years. If you had to write an ad for me, what would you say?"

Walsh-:"What do you mean?" I could hear him rattling the silverware over the phone, slamming drawers.

Me-:"They asked me to write up something to promote myself for the readings. I have no idea what to say?"

Walsh-:" clue. So it's going well then?"

Me-:"Been a few customers. I have to split it with the owner though."

I heard him make a noise and I swear he winced. "You got pimped out. Wow, never thought I would ever say something like that about you."

Me-:"yeah me and pimped out doesn't belong together in the same sentence. I want to go watch the main event now. Don't do anything stupid. Last thing I want to see is your video up in a montage of mockery."

Walsh-:"Lest I know how to sell myself."

Me-:"That sounds so wrong." 

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