Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dirty Laundry 45

Phone rang, it was my cousin Walsh. "Was the show on last night?"

Me-:"You need to learn how to use the guide on your television. Mocking me for my lack of desire for google yet you can't get the menu button to work on your tv."

Walsh-:"That would involve reading the instructions. Was it?"

Me-:"Yeah it was on after the game at like 1am. So sad, you and uncle B. are the only men who ever call me."

He laughed at that for a few minutes. "Um that is sad. But, I was thinking about your repair man. He's not married you know."

Me-:"Hate to argue, not that's a lie love to argue, but he's got a big ring on his left ring finger so he is."

Walsh-:"I will take you up on that argument and say he's not married."

Me-:"You've got my full attention. Why? Do you know him? What's he said about me? Anything?"

Walsh-:"Don't have a clue who he is. But, I'm betting you the ring's fake. How much you wanna bet?"

Me-:"You going to gamblers anonymous. Why is everything a bet with you?"

Walsh-:"Betting is fun, means people own me stuff. Commenting by the way would mean spell checking and crap and that's too much work. Besides, you type faster then I do."    Took me a minute to get what he was going on about. "Hello? listening?"

Me-:"Nope, got lost on the fake ring part. How can it be a fake ring when it was a real ring? Right there on his hand."

Walsh-:"You're such a moron." he laughed some more at me. "I'm betting you that he puts it on for work so that people don't hit on him. My one buddy who's a cop does it all the time."

Me-:"Sneaky bastards."  I thought about that for a few minutes actually getting a bit mad at the idea. "That's just not fair!"

Walsh-:"Never said it was."

Me-:"Why do it? Why the security blanket if he's just going to be a flirt?"

Walsh-:"He thought you were cute...or maybe he really is married and he's not happy or he's a player just looking to cheat, in which case you don't need him."

Me-:"You're not helping."

I walked away from the conversation unable to get the whole thing off my mind.  Bloody hell, I'll be dreaming about the whole thing now.

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