Sunday, April 26, 2015

post it April 26th 2015

I was coming out of the grocery, and Mr. Freeze was stacking stray carts. He looked at me, with that look when someone is about to say something, but didn't. He stood there, waited till I was out of the building, and then ran out in front of me. I had stopped to adjust the bags and my purse, and he swung around me like he was lost. Then grabbed a coffee mug that was sitting on an adjoining store ledge, picked it up put it back down and swung around me again. I happen to know that mug wasn't his. I had seen the lady who runs the hair shop two doors away from the grocery out having a coffee and a smoke twenty minutes before when I went into the grocery.
Dude, clearly Mr. Freeze wants to say something to me, good or bad. I don't understand what's holding him back?  If it's something evil he wants to yell at me for, then get it over with already. If it's something nice, then grow a pair and man up.

I'm at the point in my life where I'm so tired of being the one to make the first move. Be it for a relationship or friendship. I've always, and I mean always been the one to give the first invitation or hello or ask for the phone number. It's time for that karma to roll towards me. 

Pay-per-view tonight. I hope Dimmer makes an appearance. I spotted him for all of five seconds few weeks ago on the Monday night show, so good to see his getting some air time again. I like Dimmer. I miss seeing him on weekly tv.
Pass that on there Mr. Scratchy. That Dimmer needs some much overdue air time.
Speaking of the ppv, the segment of the fairy tale I do on the weekend of...been up since Friday. Don't think anyone has caught up with it. I know I usually try to get one segment up the day of a ppv, but since I did one on Friday, didn't today. 

Which brings me, Mr. Scratchy, to the point in this post where I say...I imagine you checking in...exhausted. I think you're emotionally drained. Maybe not physically, but I really get this vibe you're just spiritually tired. I think you're sitting there dressed in black pants...scratch that all puns intended, your in shorts...underwear...not dressed for work yet. You're reading this while you have a coffee, waiting for a text from Igor.

Tell Igor I said hey.  Tell Igor I hope he wins tonight...though I don't think he will. 

Smile smirk and snarl.

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