Friday, April 3, 2015

And it's not even noon yet

You know when the universe is tossing things at you, you need to pay attention. I was looking through a box where I have old photos stored for art projects, and came across an old wrestling magazine from 2006.  Found a picture of The Celebrity.
Cool.  Went off made coffee, decided I wanted to watch a movie, so digging through a stack of dvds, and I guess I bumped them cause a bunch fell off the shelf scattering across the floor. The one that landed smack dab in the middle was an old wrestling dvd from 2009 for company #2, and The Celebrity was one of the wrestlers on the cover.

Well that put him solidly in my brain this morning. Started to wonder if he still even wrestles, if he does still wrestle, has the industry drained him of life, has he bothered to learn to cook? 

Why the universe would pop him into my brain this morning I have no idea, but poof there he is. So on the off chance he still reads me...hi how are you?

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