Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peeping Jon

My computer area is beside my front window. I was sitting here trying to work on the next segment of the fairy tale when I heard footsteps out front of my window.  Don't think much about it given people hover there by the front door of the building while they smoke, while their dogs poop on the grass, while they are working on the lawn etc. Then I saw someone crouched in front of my window trying to see through the small crack in the blinds.
I got up, opened the blinds just enough to see the repair guy from the other week. I scared the hell out of him. Sort of serves him right.
Left the blinds open for a few minutes just trying to understand what the f*** is going on? When I spotted him pass the window twice more, both times looking over at it sheepishly.

I ended up going outside just to check the windows for any cracks or peeled paint or what have you. Nothing for him to have been inspecting the window for. Or the flowerbed for that matter, given it's still too cold here to plant anything.

Should I be scared?

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