Monday, April 6, 2015

Lessons learned?

I was talking to Jeff, one of the male witches I've met online in the last few weeks. Yes, one of the gay male witches. Conversation started off in one direction, about the chakra exercises and meditation, then it swung around to something one of the core people posted this morning on their video channel. The chick has never believed in the supernatural/paranormal side of stuff, has been one of the main Wiccans who fiercely does not believe. Then today out of the blue, she's posting a ton of stuff on the topic.
Jeff thinks it's because of something I said in one of my posts, and that she's jealous. I don't see it. I would love to say I do, but given she's got a few hundred people in her wake who interact with her on a daily basis and fall off everything she says, and I have 10 people who haven't even bothered to interact with me after the first week...I see holes in his theory.

Anyways, he then asked me about the other day and the flash I had during the meditation. (talked about it few days ago "Missed Opportunities")  Told him that nothing else has happened.  Then we got into talking about who it was I had the flash of.  Which came around to relationships and second chances.

Jeff-:"Has it occurred to you that this guy is needing to hear something from you?"

Me-:"No. Like what?"

Jeff-:"I don't know, I'm not you or him. But, if you have a hunch about something I guarantee you already know the answer."

Me-:"Yeah, I've heard that before. If you have a hunch the answer lays within. Okay, but how does that work with him?"

Jeff-:"Ask him. Ask the universe, your spirit guides or whatever you work with. The answer will come to you."

Me-:"I'm asking you right now. Jeff oh wise and important guru on life's lessons; what do you think this dude needs from me or wants?"   

Jeff-:"Maybe you broke his heart? Left him feeling like you abandoned him or something?"

Me-:"Doubt that. I've never broken any man's heart. Always my heart that's been left in the blender"

Jeff-:"Well, my gut is telling me that this guy is waiting for you to say something to him specifically. It's up to you to figure out what?"

Right, so back to square one.

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