Monday, April 27, 2015

Post it 27th day

Dear Herman:
I've been feeling off since Friday morning. To the point, I had to cancel my tarot readings on Friday. Just wanted to crawl into bed and stay there. Was fine on Saturday after I pushed myself to leave the house. Readings went well. Then bad again when I got home. Yesterday, was good for the half hour I left the building, but by the time I started to make supper around 3pm, just wanted to cry; and ended up with a scorcher of a migraine. I'm feeling this way again today. But, going to push myself to get across town and do the readings scheduled for today.  I know, that I'm picking up something from someone. Now Mr. Scratchy, is it you?  Or am I picking up the emotions of someone in this building?

I'm writing it Herman, because if it is something from you I'm tapping into, it means...I'm not sure what it would mean? I just had to ask.

I'm off to catch a bus to tell others stuff they don't want to hear. One of the ladies I did a reading for on Saturday, told me everything I said was right, but it was just stuff she was hoping I wouldn't say. Law suites and bad health for her.

I imagine you reading this, a bowl of cereal in front of you...corn cap on backwards, right leg shaking in boredom and nerves. Dressed in dark jeans and a yellow plaid shirt.

P.S. I knew Igor would win last night...

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