Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dirty Laundry 30

"Are you okay?" Tarot Lady asked me when I was coming in to mom's.

Me-:"No. I am working on a project that no one cares about, I'm writing a novel that might never see the light of day, I'm having a difficult time on my short story cause it's taken on a life of it's own, everyone I have been talking to is excited about a comic convention and none of them can believe I've never been to one in my life cause I'm like the nerd of the gang, there is one friend on the social site who is upset because the men she's been talking to have all bailed on her because they all found out she was only 15 years old and for some reason she believes that one of them is only talking to me to make her jealous, and I've got my period. So no, I'm not fine. And I'm craving salt."

The look on her face was priceless because no one ever really expects you to tell them the truth when they ask you how you are.  You get the truth with me, so always be sure you want to know before you ask out of politeness.

Tarot Lady-:"That would explain the dark energy around your head." she said pointing to my ear. "But I was doing a reading last night, and I kept turning up the High Priestess and right away I knew it was about you. Then I felt something will happen around October for you, something you really want in life."

Me-:"No idea what that might be."

Tarot Lady-:"It's something important." she made a noise going to check her mail then turned to me. "Say, wasn't there a Johnathan? Didn't Timothy say he saw the name Johnathan in your cards?"

You know that cosmic joke raised it's head again.

Me-:"Uh huh."

She waited for me to say something more. "Well, okay then. It's time for my show. I bet that is what it is that I'm seeing, this Johnathan coming into your life in October."  she shook her finger at me like she was scolding me then went upstairs to her apartment.

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