Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random 9/7/13

Sitting here, having a glass of wine. Merlot. Just got back from mom's where I was watching last night's wrestling. 
Cool to see Dimmer is getting his on air push, and doing so in shades of grey.

Was at the grocery earlier, there's a shocker for ya eh?  And one of the guys who works there stopped me by the dairy fridge and asked me if I was the lady looking for the goat milk?  Very odd, given he asked me the same thing two weeks ago. I had already said no and was moving towards the check out when I realized, the dude was using it as an opening line. Way to talk to women there guy.
He was cute, I should have lied and said I was.

Cute. Odd word when you think about it. Ironically, means such different things to people. Cute, to me has always meant more of a innocent charm. I'm famous for saying "aw he's so cute."  Which could mean the dude is funny as hell, or the type of guy you would expect to see as the latest heart throb on the cover of a teen magazine.


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