Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, July 26th continued

I got a message from Walsh, asking me if I was alive?  Funny.

Walsh-:"So are you home or you at auntie's?"


Walsh-:"So no wrestling then?"

Me-:"No. Catch it tomorrow. What's up?"

Walsh-:"Did you do anymore on the fairy tale?"

Me-:"Plenty. Sort of screwed it up, and have to figure out how to fix it now. But it's cool, one of the things I'm liking about writing this way. No re-writes when it's online. Like the way they used to write serials back in the day in newspapers. No doing six drafts to add characters or change plot lines, once the post is up that's it it's there man."

Walsh-:"Hang on, going to go read."  about a half hour went by then he messaged me again. "Cool. What's going on with your chat buddy?"

Me-:"Told him wasn't interested. He hasn't talked to me since. Totally ignoring me."

Walsh-:"You broke his heart."

Me-:"Oh please!"

Walsh-:"You did, just admit it. You crushed him like a bug. I'm glad I'm not you."


Walsh-:"Just saying, no one likes to have their heart broken. Better break it now then when Mad Hatter comes."

Me-:"You're the one who was pushing me to get in with Male Friend #1. And there is still no solid proof that Mad Hatter is Mr. Scratchy!"

Walsh-:"Haha! There is you just won't admit it."

Me-:"I'm done whatever. Then why did he never contact me when he was in the indie companies?"

Walsh-:"Thought you just said you were done? Haha!"

Me-:"Done. Very done. Just think about it, think about it. I've said it before, the whole situation has been going on since late 2008 early 2009, so what's stopped Mr. Scratchy from contacting me? It's why I just can't wrap my head around it."

Walsh-:"Maybe he's shy?"

Me-:"And maybe you'll grow wings and fly away."

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