Tuesday, July 23, 2013

now i've done it

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing you say is the right thing to anyone?
Yeah, it's been like that the last 24 hours.

From angry wrestling fans who are so devoted to their heroes it makes me look like the silent type, to crushes gone bad.

I pissed off an angry 15 year old girl in the main wrestling chat because I defended the PG-era, when she wants more sex on the show. I expect death threats any moment.

And Male Friend #1- the kid from Mexico- I told him I wasn't interested. Now he's not talking to me either. Yay me. One conversation and I'm in the dog house with my chat buddies.

You know, I can sit here and say everyone is over reacting, and on some level I'm sure it's true. But, at the same time, I knew I was pushing buttons and I did it anyways.
I mean the wrestling chat with the 15 year old. 

Male Friend #1 on the other hand... I didn't know what else to do. I actually started to wonder if he'd developed this crush on me because he's looking for the easy way out?

It's what I do.  Why I put so much energy into talking about wrestlers. At lest, that's how it started. There few years ago, I was so hurt, so twisted from countless bad break ups and just rotten relationships, that I started to put that energy into my internet wrestling crushes. Cause it was safe. No one gets hurt. They're famous, it's part of their job description.

Seems logical. I seemed like the easy way out for Male Friend #1. Then someone mentioned the Canadian factor and that really got me wondering what is really going on here?  Is Male Friend #1-the kid from Mexico- just looking for an easy answer to a Canadian citizenship?

Either way, I've pissed everyone off.  Starting to think it's the only real talent I have anymore.

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